Stadium of the future

We are proud to announce that Innovation Arena started today by launching the Open Call and website (innovationarena.amsterdam).

From now on we are challenging innovators from all over the world to solve our challenges for the stadium of the future. The best ideas, products or services can be tested and eventually implemented in the Amsterdam ArenA. With over 50.000 visitors each event, the ArenA is the biggest innovation playground of the Netherlands.

Stadium of the future

In 2020 all eyes are upon us, because this year the Amsterdam ArenA will host the European Championships. Therefore, the ArenA will be renovated within the next five years. The reconstructions start in the first quarter of 2016. The Amsterdam ArenA has the ambition to be the most innovative and sustainable stadium of the world. The stadium has to become the next level leisure with the ultimate fan experience. To realize this ambition, we have started Innovation Arena and the Open Call for Innovation

Community of innovators

Innovation Arena is a platform for the community for innovators, with the aim to connect innovators from all over the world, who collaborate to build the most innovative stadium in the world, powered by the Amsterdam ArenA.

Innovation playground

Innovation Arena offers the opportunity to test and apply ideas, both in our field lab and with our partners. Together, we would like to discuss how we could apply smart solutions in our field lab. Innovation Arena could potentially provide the participants with the right network to further their business outreach including other sports arenas, city networks or businesses.

Open Call for Innovation
The Open Call is an invitation to come up with solutions for the cross-cutting challenges that we have identified in our 2020 vision. Innovation Arena is looking for innovators, business leaders, students, start-ups and creatives who can solve one of the six challenges. We call innovators to subscribe on topics such as queuing, cleaning and fan experience. How can we, for example, harness the power and connectivity of 53,000 smartphones, all together at the same time? Subscribers also have the opportunity to surprise us with their own challenge, because often innovations can be found in unsuspected corners.

Join the biggest playground in the world

We think that a combination of expertise and backgrounds could develop more and better solutions. This is why we encourage members of the Innovation Arena to share and discuss their ideas online or offline with each other to help create the best innovations possible. By creating this challenge, we have already begun building a network of innovators. Our strategic partners, City of Amsterdam, Huawei, KPN, TNO, KPMG, Microsoft and Amsterdam Smart City already took part of the community.

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