ArenA is a digital example for the city

We all know Amsterdam ArenA from its soccer matches. However, Amsterdam ArenA is also an innovator in the field of smart living and a platform for IT startups. The ArenA wants to be an example for the smart city of Amsterdam and other smart cities. How?

Amsterdam ArenA recently opened its Innovation Center. This is an incubator where innovative entrepreneurs can test their products for three months. If these products are a success, they will be implemented in the stadium. In the lab, smartness is made visible to the visitors. There are smart solutions are in the field of mobility, safety and sustainability.

Every first Monday of the month, it is Amazing Monday in the Innovation Center. On this day, organizations pitch their innovative products or services to a panel, like Dragon's Den.

Amsterdam ArenA can be one of the most busiest places in the city. A good visitor experience is crucial. Increasing capacity is not always the best solution. Also smart solutions can increase the visitor experience. Think of improved connectivity and software. For example, soccers fans can in the near future check with an app who in the neighborhood is going to the match too, so they can carpool. Also, an app can stream a goal in 360-degrees.


Source: Computer Weekly

Photo: Topsport Amsterdam

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