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Via the Knowledge Center information will be shared. The center will contain information, publications, figures and useful links, related to the topics Smart Cities, Sustainability, energy saving, CO2 reduction, connectivity and the Amsterdam Smart City themes; living, working, mobility, public facilities and open data. We hope you find its content not just stimulating but useful too. Would you like to publish a document on this page? Please send us an email: 

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Website: Evaluation Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro is working hard on becoming a low-carbon city. The World Bank evaluates the efforts.

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Website: Florence

This website describes the activities of Florence on sustainability and how citizens and tourists can contribute.

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Website: Forum Virium

Forum Virium is a platform in Helsinki where digital services are developed in cooperation with companies and governments. The services are developed and tested in living labs.

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477-block-399c8b9a71568b9db31dc4ffc9d7d305-kc_IBM_smarter_cities_challenge.jpg Document

Document: Smart City Challenge

This IBM document describes Helsinki in the context of the IBM Smart City Challenge.

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Website Duurzaam Almere

On this playful website several sustainable projects in Almere are displayed.

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Website: Rotterdam Climate Initiative

The Rotterdam Climate Initiative has an ambitious CO2 reduction objective. On this website several projects are illustrated.

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Website: e-harbours

Zaanstad is, just as Amsterdam, taking part in the European e-harbor project. REloadIT is the showcase by Zaanstad.

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Website: Masdar Abu Dhabi

In contrast to Amsterdam (which is a retrofit Smart City), Masdar in Abu Dhabi is newly designed as a Smart City.

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Website: Living PLanIT

Living PlanIT is building PlanIT valley near the Portuguese city Paredes; a new smart city as a R&D hub.

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Website: Songdo

In 2009 Songdo was officially opened; a new sustainable city in an international business district.

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