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Via the Knowledge Center information will be shared. The center will contain information, publications, figures and useful links, related to the topics Smart Cities, Sustainability, energy saving, CO2 reduction, connectivity and the Amsterdam Smart City themes; living, working, mobility, public facilities and open data. We hope you find its content not just stimulating but useful too. Would you like to publish a document on this page? Please send us an email: 

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Website: Seoul

This website describes sustainability and smart projects of Seoul.

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Website: Manchester Digital Development Agency

Manchester Digital Development Agency' (MDDA) is responsible for the development of new digital services in cooperation with industry, .knowledge institutions and communities.

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Amsterdam cooperates with Vienna in the European project TRANSFORM. Vienna is working hard to achieve climate objectives and improve energy efficiency in relation to urban development.

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490-block-7ee36e8d9148361e2e0328a884dbdcad-kc_Document--TRANSFORM---Wenen.jpg Document

Document: TRANSFORM - Vienna

Amsterdam cooperates with Vienna in the European project TRANSFORM. This document is a preliminary report on the TRANSFORM project in Vienna.

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Website: TRANSFORM - Copenhagen

Amsterdam cooperates with Copenhagen in the European project TRANSFORM. This website, by the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster describes what a Smart City means to Copenhagen.

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Website: TRANSFORM - Genua

Amsterdam cooperates with Genua in the European project TRANSFORM. This (Italian) website describes the components of Smart City Genua.

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Document: TRANSFORM - Lyon

Amsterdam cooperates with Lyon in the European project TRANSFORM. This presentation describes Smart City Lyon and the TRANSFORM project in Lyon.

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Document: Green IT in Stockholm

This document is about Green IT in Stockholm, a set of measures to decrease the environmental impact in Stockholm using IT.

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Document: New York

This document by Siemens describes the Smart City plans for New York and rates them on social, economical and environmental benefits.

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Website: Gigabits summit

In 2012, Kansas City organizes the Gigabits Summit. In this summit cities can cooperate and discuss how to reach a new economy.

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