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Via the Knowledge Center information will be shared. The center will contain information, publications, figures and useful links, related to the topics Smart Cities, Sustainability, energy saving, CO2 reduction, connectivity and the Amsterdam Smart City themes; living, working, mobility, public facilities and open data. We hope you find its content not just stimulating but useful too. Would you like to publish a document on this page? Please send us an email: 

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Research: Who's leading the Smart City Brand

Research of Green Bang on the Smart City Brand. Companies working on Smart Cities are targeted against degree of innovation and visibility.

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Presentatie: Urban developments and megacties

A presentation by Frost and Sullivan on megacities and urban developments, using Amsterdam Smart City as an example.

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Website: Smart Cities

Website by IBM, showing all aspects of smart cities, using short videos.

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Website: Smarter Planet

Website by IBM on how to get a Smarter Planet.

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Website: Smart Cities Challenge

In the Smarter Cities Challenge, IBM challenges 100 cities around the world to become a Smart City.

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Document: A vision for Smarter Cities

In 'a vision for Smarter Cities' IBM describes challenges and solutions for Smart Cities.

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Paper: on the Smart City concept

Woodholmes describes the Smart Cities concept, including the main developments. The document also links to several related documents.

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Presentation: Smart Cities and Sustainable Technology

This presentation by Siemens describes the trend of the emergence of Megacities and associated challenges on energy, ICT, buildings and mobility.

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Website: sustainable cities

Website by Siemens on sustainable cities, including a link to a report on a smart city project in New York.

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Website: Green City index

Website by Siemens on the Green City Index, an index on the sustainability of cities, where Amsterdam ranks 5th of European cities.

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