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Via the Knowledge Center information will be shared. The center will contain information, publications, figures and useful links, related to the topics Smart Cities, Sustainability, energy saving, CO2 reduction, connectivity and the Amsterdam Smart City themes; living, working, mobility, public facilities and open data. We hope you find its content not just stimulating but useful too. Would you like to publish a document on this page? Please send us an email: 


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Report: Smart Netherlands in 2030

Eurofiber has done a research via Motivaction how citizens and entrepreneurs want to live, live, work and resources in 2030. This is based on Rathenau scenarios.

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Rapport: Rethinking smart cities from the ground up

This report tells the stories of cities around the world - from Beijing to Amsterdam, and from London to Jakarta - that are addressing urban challenges by using digital technologies to engage and enable citizens.

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Report: Electric driving in Holland

The State Service for Enterprising Holland has composed an update of numbers of electric driving. It concerns an overview of the amount of vehicles and charging points in the Netherlands till February 28.

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Urban Knowledge

Urban-Knowledge is an open platform dedicated to compile an innovative and effective system of methods and techniques for urban expertise through a knowledge platform.

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Infographic: results of 5 years of e-mobility in Amsterdam

The large amount of charge data provided by all of the charging points in Amsterdam, clearly demonstrates that electric driving in the capital has passed the pilot phase.

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Report: Circular Advantage

In this detailed report, Accenture identifies five new business models, 10 disruptive technologies and five enabling capabilities critical to capture the circular advantage.

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Report: Towards a multimodal API

Road plan to provide the optimal open data for developers to build a multimodal app.

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Report: Accenture Technology Vision 2014

This report takes a closer look at four of the six trends identified in the Accenture Technology Vision 2014, to understand how they are affecting cities and their citizens.

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Report: EV City Casebook

The EV City Casebook highlights areas of considerable promise for the future of electric mobility.

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Document: Sustainability Agenda Amsterdam

An agenda for sustainable energy, clean air, a circular economy and a climate resilient city.

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Report: Low-Carbon Mobility

This report examines the lowcarbon mobility measures within the context of the Transform project.

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