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Via the Knowledge Center information will be shared. The center will contain information, publications, figures and useful links, related to the topics Smart Cities, Sustainability, energy saving, CO2 reduction, connectivity and the Amsterdam Smart City themes; living, working, mobility, public facilities and open data. We hope you find its content not just stimulating but useful too. Would you like to publish a document on this page? Please send us an email: 

Examples of smart cities

1396-header-6c44797280904992bef22b859b6956f9-smartcities1n2.jpg Document

Magazine: Smart Cities

This magazine describes the results of the Smart Cities policy study within the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

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Website: Smart IP

Smart IP is an initiative of five living labs to share experiences and enhance open innovation.

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Website: Smart Cities North Sea Region

The 'Smart Cities project' is an innovation network by governments and academics to promote e-services.

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Website: C40 cities

This C40 blog provides interesting expert views and discussions on cities and sustainability.

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Website: City Protocol

The City Protocol is an open platform between cities worldwide to promote sustainability and quality of life by social and technical innovation.

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Website: Smart Cities Network

In the Smart Cities Network, European Smart Cities share best practices co-production, open data and internet services

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Website: Connected Villages

Villages Connected is a media platform in Africa, where companies are connected to local African communities

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Website: Climate Group

The Climate Group is a non-profit organization, established to inspire leaders around the world about a carbon neutral future.

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Website: World Smart Capital

World Smart Capital is an initiative which identifies and exchanges successful Smart City stories. In 2012 Amsterdam is the first World Smart Capital!

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Website: EU Smart Cities platform

The Smart Cities platform, supported by the European Union, is aimed at supporting development of energy efficiency.

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Document: Yokohama Smart Cities

This document describes the Yokohama Smart City Project, which includes testing projects for Community Energy Management Systems.

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